A travel app that puts storytelling and cultural immersion above all else.







In each issue, you’ll see:








A dozen or more short documentaries on fascinating locals, from a scuba diver in Iceland to a political guide in Palestine.

More than two-dozen photo essays on some of the most breathtaking locations on the planet, each accompanied by local narration and natural soundscapes.

Multiple travel experience videos that showcase some of the most beautiful, awesome, and epic things to do in each country, from snowmobiling on a glacier to discovering Jerusalem's ancient streets.

Humanity is an iPad app for explorers, travelers, and adventurers. It’s a travel app that puts storytelling and cultural immersion above all else. Each Humanity issue is created through more than two months of production with the aim of telling unique stories and highlighting fascinating individuals from countries around the world. This isn't a where-to-eat app. We won't show you hotel reviews from your mom. Everything you see on Humanity is original content, created with an immersive iPad experience in mind.  We hope to inspire authentic travel and cultural immersion, all while showcasing the people that make a country unique.



As a self-taught photographer moving towards filmmaking, Kerrin's plan of shooting short documentaries on fascinating locals around the world began with a short film of a hostel owner in Iceland's most magnificent region: The Westfjords. A year later, when it came time to create Humanity's first iPad issue, Iceland was at the top of his list. Drawn to countries with magnificent landscapes that mold and shape the people who inhabit them, Kerrin is in constant search for new mountains and terrain to explore. Along with being the cofounder of Xeno Productions, Kerrin's work has been featured on The New York Times, Hollow, Huffington Post, and Fast Company. He lives in various places around the USA with his filmmaking wife, Elaine.

Gaston is an Argentine millennial naturalized as a U.S. citizen. Born to diplomats in Buenos Aires, Gaston inherited an attraction to linguistics and an unquenchable wanderlust that’s lured him to more than 60 countries around the world. Proven unfit for corporate life, Gaston became a self-taught filmmaker and subsequent cofounder of Humanity and XENO Productions, through which he channels his fascination for anthropology and moving pictures. In Iceland, you’ll likely find Gaston warming up with the locals in one of the many geothermal lagoons.