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The Okinaway of Life

51m 24s

A wonderful journey in the heart of a legendary civilization that owns the world longevity record in good health. The archipelago of Okinawa, located in the Pacific Ocean at the very south of Japan sees its population with almost no diseases. What are the secrets of Okinawa’s inhabitants ? How can we live longer, happy and in good health ?

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Around Them

52m 02s

A woman travels around the world to talk to 15 women from 15 different countries, and they tell her their opinion about topics of general interest such as love, religion, pride of belonging to their country and the situation of women in the place where they live.

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A Moon of Nickel and Ice

1h 52m

The mining town of Norilsk sits in the heart of the Siberian Arctic, bathed in the billowing smoke and sulphur of its mills and factories. Built by Gulag prisoners under Stalin, Norilsk remains a mysterious place, haunted by its past suffering. While miners ponder lost comradeship and teenagers dream of escape, artists and descendants of the Gulag prisoners seek to shed light on Norilsk’s dark past, long since buried under the Siberian ice.

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Water Is Our Future - The Jordan - River of Peace?

51m 48s

The Jordan River is the most important source of water for Jordanians, Israelis, and Palestinians. Intensive farming is robbing the sacred river of its water. Since Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994, campaigners from an environmental organization have been working across all borders to rescue both the Jordan River and the Dead Sea for the protection of nature and for peace in the region.

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Water Is Our Future - The Netherlands - The Pact with Water

52m 49s

For centuries, the Dutch have tamed the sea with dykes and criss-crossed their country with canals and waterways. Lately, climate change is whipping up storms and raising the sea level and the Netherlands is now seeking a new pact with water in order to protect the low-lying country. They’re making use of state-of-the-art technologies and the power of nature and are systematically making space for the water elsewhere.

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A Simpler Way : Crisis As Opportunity

1h 18m

A feature-length documentary that follows a community in Australia who came together to explore and demonstrate a simpler way to live in response to global crises. Throughout the year the group build tiny houses, plant veggie gardens, practice simple living, and discover the challenges of living in community.

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Water Is Our Future - The Colorado - A River in Search of its Estuary

52m 15s

Hardly a drop of water makes it to the estuary of the Colorado River. Once it reaches Mexico, after its journey through the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, and Nevada, the river is dry – and has been for decades. The demand for water in its catchment area is simply too great. Now, conservationists are working to make the estuary green again. They’re persuading people along the Colorado to give some of its water back to the river.

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I Do Not Eat Anyone

1h 53m

There have always been those who said "No" to meat due to different reasons. Whether it be ethical choice, health care or responsible consumption. The film will tell who and why has been giving up eating meat in Russia, and how it's connected to Leo Tolstoy, to Soviet soy developments and to nonviolence.

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United Nations: Last Station Before Hell

56m 50s

The United Nations celebrates its 70th anniversary in the fall of 2015. Among other innovations, members of the UN devised the novel concept of “soldiers for peace.” But can peace be enforced militarily? The original mission of the United Nations was to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war by maintaining peace and security between states. Now that terrorists and internal conflicts strike far more frequently than traditional inter-state wars, what does international security mean?

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