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Zenith - Advances in Space Exploration Series 1, Episode 3

25m 52s

Saturn and its disc of rings has become more bewildering the more closely we are able to observe it. The dynamic system of moons, moonlets and orbiting dust are drawing scientific attention. This episode looks at the Saturnian system, its unique moons and the probes that have began penetrating this planetary mystery.

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Zenith - Advances in Space Exploration Series 1, Episode 4

25m 39s

The International Space Station - Since the 1970 the space powers have been sending to orbit craft in which people could live and work for extended periods, but the expense and complexity has been daunting. This episode focuses on the international collaboration required to maintain a permanently crewed laboratory orbiting the Earth.

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Trajectory, Milestones in space exploration - Episode 6

24m 00s

Project Gemini – Docking and EVA - In the final phase of the Gemini program NASA struggles with docking and spacewalks; Curiosity - Roving Mars - On the surface of Mars the Curiosity rover is changing the way we think about the red planet; Swarm - A constellation of satellites is trying to discover why the Earth’s magnetic field is diminishing rapidly.

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Packing for Mars

52m 50s

National space agencies, scientists and private businesses are competing to find pioneering ways to be part of the adventure to Mars, and are investing colossal sums of money to achieve their goal. Competition is fierce and sometimes cut-throat. They all have their sights set on finding the solutions to the problems raised by what is billed as the greatest expedition of all time. This documentary film presents the most influential scientists, engineers and adventurers in space exploration today.

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Trajectory, Milestones in space exploration - Episode 5

24m 00s

Project Gemini Advances - NASA refines the techniques needed for rendezvous; Cassini At Saturn - In the Cassini probe’s final years of activity, its handlers are asking it to do more complex and risky assignments; Learning More About Mars - An interlinked group of satellites and rovers are paving the way for a manned mission to Mars

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The World's Greatest Balloon Adventures - S01 E05 - Venezuela

52m 30s

Venezuela with its spectacular landscapes is the grand finale of our journey. The majestic Table Mountains (Tepuis) in the south of the country build the backdrop for the adventurous flights in La Gran Sabana. In this episode the renowned Director Werner Herzog joins us in search of inspiration for new unusual visuals. For a long time he has been an admirer of the austere beauty of the Tepuis - now he not only ventures to experience the eerie ambience on their top.

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The World's Greatest Balloon Adventures - S01 E01 - Mongolia

53m 11s

Eight teams from all over the planet meet in Ulaanbaator seeking to explore the wild land of the Mongolians with their hot-air balloons. As they race across giant sand dunes, spectacular mountain and steppe sceneries, picturesque villages and ancient monasteries the balloon enthusiasts experience the wild nature and fascinating culture of Mongolia in a very special way.

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The World's Greatest Balloon Adventures - S01 E04 - Kenya

52m 06s

African adventure: zebra, wildebeest and elephant cross the savannah of the Maasai Mara in huge herds, flamingos fly in their thousands over the enormous lake Elementaita and the red African sun sets over the green hills of the Great Rift Valley – in Kenya, every hot-air balloon ride is a unique experience. Kenya is also the home of Alan Root, one of the world’s most renowned wildlife filmmakers.

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The World's Greatest Balloon Adventures - S01 E03 - Sri Lanka

52m 20s

Our balloon trip to Sri Lanka takes us on a journey through a beautiful country in the Indian Ocean. Rich cultures, ancient temples, exotic landscapes, old steam locomotives and tea plantations are part of the adventures. It is awe-inspiring, when the balloons rise above the canopy in the early morning mists and float over the treetops and past brilliant white temples on gigantic rocks. Landing however is difficult in a country, which seems to consists only of jungle, lakes and rice-paddies.

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The World's Greatest Balloon Adventures - S01 E02 - The Alps

52m 03s

The Alps in winter have always appealed to hot-air balloonists. Ascending high above the snowy peaks and enjoying the majestic alpine panorama in all its glory is only possible in a hot-air balloon. But ballooning in the Alps is no picnic. Craggy peaks, mountain lakes, forests, power lines and villages divide the landscape below into a fragmented puzzle. Landing places are rare and emergency landings almost inevitable.

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Water Is Our Future - The Netherlands - The Pact with Water

52m 49s

For centuries, the Dutch have tamed the sea with dykes and criss-crossed their country with canals and waterways. Lately, climate change is whipping up storms and raising the sea level and the Netherlands is now seeking a new pact with water in order to protect the low-lying country. They’re making use of state-of-the-art technologies and the power of nature and are systematically making space for the water elsewhere.

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