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Adopted by Dolphins - Flipper's Family Secrets

52m 23s

Adopted by Dolphins' follows a group of researchers who are accepted as companions by bottlenose dolphins in the Red Sea. A group of divers and marine biologists accompany up to 100 wild dolphins for days and for the very first time watch their behaviour from a dolphin’s perspective. Willingly, the animals expose their social behaviour and games, their exciting love life and even the use of medical substances provided by corals. This is a capturing story of love, war and drama.

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Cannabis, wonderdrug ?

52m 04s

What if weed could be a cure to most severe diseases, such as cancer or AIDS? Not really, but cannabis can. As a matter of fact, molecules inside marijuana are now at the center of medical research around the world. There are more and more scientists, doctors, and psychologists encouraging the therapeutic and controlled use of cannabinoids for specific treatments.

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Cyborgs Among Us

1h 16m

In just a few years, technology will merge with our bodies in unimaginable ways and push the boundaries of what it is to be human. While medical technology still aims at remediating disabilities, cyborgs strive to something else: a merging of man and machine with the goal of enhancing human capabilities.

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Packing for Mars

52m 50s

National space agencies, scientists and private businesses are competing to find pioneering ways to be part of the adventure to Mars, and are investing colossal sums of money to achieve their goal. Competition is fierce and sometimes cut-throat. They all have their sights set on finding the solutions to the problems raised by what is billed as the greatest expedition of all time. This documentary film presents the most influential scientists, engineers and adventurers in space exploration today.

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The CRISPR Revolution - Genome Editing

52m 01s

Is it the latest gene scandal or a blessing for medicine and agriculture? CRISPR allows scientists to change the genetic material of all living organisms. Researchers are developing therapies for incurable diseases; plants with new characteristics are being created. But the designer baby is also within reach. How far should medicine or agriculture be allowed to go? Researchers, ethicists and critics do agree: society urgently needs to debate the chances and boundaries of genetic engineering.

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Smoke and Fumes: The Climate Change Cover-Up

52m 28s

With Donald Trump, an outmoded view of climate change has taken hold of the White House again. Great news for oil companies such as Exxon and Shell. They have been secretly financing scientific studies and campaigns, which are talking down climate change and have been influencing the public debate for 60 years. New documents prove that since 1957, these companies have known that burning fossil fuels changes the climate - their own, strictly secret research had revealed this.

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