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1h 57m

With aerial footage from fifty-four countries, 'Home' is a depiction of how Earth's problems are all interlinked. Directed by Yann Arthus Bertrand. Home is a documentary about Earth, humanity, nature, where we're going and what we've been.

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Water Is Our Future - The Colorado - A River in Search of its Estuary

52m 15s

Hardly a drop of water makes it to the estuary of the Colorado River. Once it reaches Mexico, after its journey through the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, and Nevada, the river is dry – and has been for decades. The demand for water in its catchment area is simply too great. Now, conservationists are working to make the estuary green again. They’re persuading people along the Colorado to give some of its water back to the river.

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China on China: Sun and Wind but no Water

28m 35s

In this episode, we examine China's tough environmental problems and the efforts being made to solve them. Stories and interviews about air pollution and increasing water shortages, about people fighting to improve the environment, and about the world's investments in solar energy.

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Water Is Our Future - The Netherlands - The Pact with Water

52m 49s

For centuries, the Dutch have tamed the sea with dykes and criss-crossed their country with canals and waterways. Lately, climate change is whipping up storms and raising the sea level and the Netherlands is now seeking a new pact with water in order to protect the low-lying country. They’re making use of state-of-the-art technologies and the power of nature and are systematically making space for the water elsewhere.

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Water Is Our Future - The Jordan - River of Peace?

51m 48s

The Jordan River is the most important source of water for Jordanians, Israelis, and Palestinians. Intensive farming is robbing the sacred river of its water. Since Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994, campaigners from an environmental organization have been working across all borders to rescue both the Jordan River and the Dead Sea for the protection of nature and for peace in the region.

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Water Is Our Future - Andalusia's Hidden Treasure

52m 41s

In the dry region of southern Spain, water is a scarce commodity known as “liquid silver”. Farmers, scientists, and conservationists are working with the local population to combine ancient knowledge gained over centuries with state of the art technologies to protect this unique natural landscape.

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Gaza: Health Under Siege

43m 08s

After three wars in eight years and an ongoing eleven-year blockade, how are the people of Gaza coping? Many public employees, whether they are doctors in the large hospitals or waste management supervisors in the garbage dump, have been working without pay for over seven years. And yet despite this, the provision of basic public services continues through the tremendous efforts of people trying to keep the city functioning.

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Green Warriors: Indonesia, the World's most Polluted River

54m 12s

The Citarum river in Indonesia, is the world's most polluted river. A reporter teamed up with international scientists to investigate the causes and consequences of this pollution. One of the main polluters is actually the fashion industry : 500 textile factories throw away their wastewater directly into the Citarum river.

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The High Cost of Cheap Gas

56m 09s

The environmental problems caused by fracking in America have been well publicised but what’s less known are the gas industry’s plans for expansion in other countries. This investigation, filmed in Botswana, South Africa, Alaska and North America, reveals how fracking plants are quietly invading some of the most protected places on the planet - including Africa’s national parks.

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Water Is Our Future - The Emscher - The Miracle in the Coalfields

51m 51s

In the Ruhr district of Germany, we witness the comeback of a small river and an entire landscape. For decades, the Emscher was the most polluted river in Europe. Now, it’s being returned from an industrial sewer to a natural river system. With the help of waste water treatment plants, liberated river beds, and returning animal species, this unique natural region is blossoming.

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Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey

52m 07s

Polar Bears are well adapted for life in a frozen snow-covered environment. However, during summer and early fall, Hudson Bay is ice free. This film follows the bears throughout summer, unraveling the difficulties in their fight for survival at a time of plenty for all other Arctic inhabitants. By early July, the bears are cast ashore and live off resources acquired during the winter. Cubs born in December experience for the first time the explosion of life during the colourful Arctic summer.

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