The World's Greatest Balloon Adventures - S01 E05 - Venezuela

52m 30s

Venezuela with its spectacular landscapes is the grand finale of our journey. The majestic Table Mountains (Tepuis) in the south of the country build the backdrop for the adventurous flights in La Gran Sabana. In this episode the renowned Director Werner Herzog joins us in search of inspiration for new unusual visuals. For a long time he has been an admirer of the austere beauty of the Tepuis - now he not only ventures to experience the eerie ambience on their top, but also takes the risk of ballooning in the vicinity of the “Lost World” mountains. Emotional human encounters, exotic cultural experiences and thrilling adventures in wild, mostly untouched nature are the ingredients for a dynamic, exciting and aesthetic series about the extraordinary life of balloon enthusiasts. Each episode reveals a new exciting view over the beautiful landscapes of Mongolia, the Alps, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Venezuela and enchants us in a special way: it’s the feeling of peace and liberty that accompanies us all along the quest for the “Great Picture”.